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Important information about our meats

Thank you for your interest in our products.
Our customary process is to offer our products in your area. We then take orders for a few weeks before actually making the products. We do this because we want our products to be as fresh as possible. We do not want product sitting in a freezer, getting shoved to the back and getting freezer burned.
Some areas have distributors and they have limited supplies of products on hand. Usually, we take orders in those areas and the next month their shipment will have your customized order. Those areas usually have a small supply of extra product for those who are just finding out about us or decided they want more.
If our products are not currently available in your area, ask us! Often when we can get a few people/ orders in an area, I will ship.
All of our meat is supplied by a high quality and well known Ecuadorian Meat Purveyor. They are high end products and natural, not filled with by products, fillers and chemicals.
These fresh, all natural, sausages can stay in the refrigerator for several days but should be frozen if more than that.
All of our sausages are available in Bulk

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