Links are available at $8.50 per pound

With edible casings

Bulk is available in one pound package at $7.50 per pound

Packages of ground meat

About this Sausage

Chorizo is not the chorizo already found here. Our Chorizo is pure high-grade pork. Pure means all high-quality Loma or Loins. This is Mexican style Chorizo and is highly seasoned even in its mild form. It is available in Mild or hot but consider trying it in mild, unless you really, really like HOT!

Available in Regular or Spicy

Tip of the day

I personally buy the bulk sausage to make patties. I partially freeze it. Then I use a serrated edge knife and cut slices 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. I then take 2 or three of the slices and use a ziplock and freeze. In that way, you do not need to thaw a whole pound just to have a few patties.

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