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How can I place an order?

How to place an order – There are several ways.
    Contact us at [email protected]

    Via our facebook page:

Or by using the form at the bottom of this site.


How should I best store my meats?

It is always best to keep meats frozen until ready to use.
Corned beef and bacon are cured and can last longer in the refrigerator but sausages are all-natural and have no preservatives in them. In all cases, it is best to keep your products frozen until you are ready to use them or will within a day or so.


How long is the delivery process?

Our products are not made way in advance and then stored. We try to make our products fresh for your order. Corned beef requires two weeks approx. for curing. Bacon also requires approx. two weeks for the seasoning, smoking, sitting and then slicing. Sausages are generally available within a week’s time.
We do, however, prefer to ship orders to specific areas at different times based on how we ship and how much we are shipping.
In all cases, we try to ship free from Crucita to your area. If I have multiple orders I can do that. If I have one or two pounds total for an area it is just cost-prohibitive to ship free. We, therefore, try to accumulate orders, make it fresh and ship it out and try to never exceed a few weeks turn around time.

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