Sugar Cured Bacon

Available in $8.00 a pound

Regular Bacon

Available in $9.00 a pound

Canadian Bacon

Available in $9.50 a pound

Maple Crystal Bacon

About this Bacon

Imagine bacon with the texture of home – if home bacon is traditionally North American. It is made using Pork Belly and therefor has some fat. To cure bacon, fat is needed and it is that fat that really attracts the seasoning and allows it to absorb into the meat. After one or two attempts we were able to obtain the perfect ratio of fat to meat, assuring meatier bacon with adequate fat to produce wonderful sugar cure bacon. Sugar cure still has salt but used a lower quantity of salt replaced by the sugar cure. It is extremely tasty. Be sure to cook it low and slow because due to the sugar, the bacon will be caramelizing as it cooks. If it cooks too fast it will look burned, it’ll taste great but look burned. If a slab is a little fattier, behind the scenes, a pound that you order is closer to 1 1/4 lbs. so you are getting more meat.


Our bacon is cured and therefore safe in the refrigerator for a few a week or more but always better to freeze where it can stay for approx. 5 months.

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